Operating System

by | Oct 6, 2020

Operating System Principles

Review: Operating System Principles by Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne

  • Most widely used OS book
  • All topics are covered in detail so one of the best books for Semester preparation.
  • If someone prefers to read the compact answer for questions then this book is not for them. In this book, topics are described in detail so it is the student’s responsibility to understand the concept and to write the answer to asked questions in brief.
  • All Algorithm descriptions are followed by solved numerical problems, very helpful approach.
  • Practice questions are given after each chapter.
  • Table of Contents: Part I: Overview:  Introduction, System StructuresPart II: Process Management: Process-Concept, Multithreaded Programming, Process   Scheduling Part III: Process Coordination: Synchronization, Deadlocks Part IV: Memory Management: Memory-Management Strategies, Virtual-Memory Management Part V: Storage Management:  File System, Implementing File Systems, Secondary-Storage Structure, I/O System Part VI: Distributed Systems: Distributed Operating Systems, Distributed File Systems, Distributed System Structure Part VII: Protection and Security: System Protection, System Security; Part VIII: Special-Purpose Systems: Real-Time Systems, Multimedia Systems, The Linux System, Windows XP, Influential Operating Systems; Appendix A: Unix BSD; Appendix B: The Mach System; Appendix C: Windows 2000


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