Computer Organization & Architecture

by | Oct 6, 2020

Computer Organization & Architecture

Review: Computer Organization & Architecture by William Stallings

  • Topics are explained in detail, sometimes it seems to be lengthy. If you can keep patience and can read the lengthy content, able to understand topics clearly.
  • Best way to read this book is to read the lengthy content and write the summary in your own language.
  • Each chapter followed by exercises. If you can make time to solve the exercises then undoubtedly every topic can be well explored and visualized easily.
  • Table of Content:Part One: Overview Chapter 1: Basic Concepts and Computer Evolution, Chapter 2: Performance Issues; Part Two: The Computer System Chapter 3: A Top-Level View of Computer Function and Interconnection, Chapter 4: Cache Memory, Chapter 5: Internal Memory Technology, Chapter 6: External Memory, Chapter 7: Input/Output, Chapter 8: Operating System Support, Part Three: Arithmetic and Logic: Chapter 9: Number Systems, Chapter 10: Computer Arithmetic, Chapter 11: Digital LogicPart Four: The Central Processing Unit Chapter 12: Instruction Sets: Characteristics and Functions, Chapter 13: Instruction Sets: Addressing Modes and Formats, Chapter 14: Processor Structure and Function, Chapter 15: Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISCs), Chapter 16: Instruction-Level Parallelism and Superscalar Processors, Part Five: Parallel Organization: Chapter 17: Parallel Processing, Chapter 18: Multicore Computers, Chapter 19: General-Purpose Graphic Processing Units; Part Six: The Control Unit Chapter 20: Control Unit Operation, Chapter 21: Microprogrammed Control


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