C Programming Books

by | Oct 4, 2020

Mastering C

Review:  Mastering C by K. R. Venugopal

  • This is one of the best books for C. This book includes 237 Solved problems and programs, 403 Programming exercises, 625 Review exercises, 24 Illustrations, and 20 IT interview questions.
  • This book is suitable for beginners to interview aspirants. It covers almost everything, a one-stop solution.
  • In semester examination students need a reference book for preparing semester questions, this book is appropriate for that. All topics and well explained.
  • This book includes the following chapters, It might help you to make a buying decision Variables and Expressions, Basic Input-Output, Control Structures, Functions, Scope and Extent, Arrays and Strings, Pointers, Structures and Unions, Files, Dynamic Memory Allocation, Data Structures, UNIX Operating System, C Library Functions, Controlling Complexity, Quick Reference, Answer to Exercises, Solutions, Appendix: Interview Questions

Programming with C

Review:  Programming with C  by Byron Gottfried

  • This book is not recommended for beginners. If you already have a basic grip over C concepts then go for this book.
  • This book is recommended by many programmers for its rich quality content. If you can keep patience and ability to read the contents thoroughly then you are definitely ahead of many C programmers.
  • One of the best books for understanding Programming Primitives in depth.
  • If you want to learn about Pointer and Memory allocation or any complex structure in depth then this book is highly recommended.

Table of Contents: Introducing C , C Fundamentals, Formatted  Input/Output, Expression, Selection Statements ,Loops, Basic Types, Arrays, Functions, Program Organization, Pointers, Pointers and Arrays, Strings, The Preprocessor, Writing Large Programs, Structures, Unions and Enumerations, Advanced uses of pointers,Low Level Programming, The Standard Library, Input/Output, Library Support for Numbers and Character  Data, Error Handling, International Features , Additional C99 Support

Let Us C

Review: Let Us C  by Yashavant Kanetkar

  • This is the best book for Beginners
  • Topics are covered in simple language. Given solved exercises along with practice question paper for all chapters help students to develop confidence in the writing program.
  • Many Students use this book along with Let Us C solutions for campusing preparation purpose.
  • This book includes the following chapters, It might help you to take a buying decision Getting Started, The Decision Control Structure, The Loop Control Structure The Case Control Structure, Functions & Pointers, Data Types Revisited, The C Preprocessor, Arrays, Puppetting On Strings, Structures, Console Input/Output File Input/Output, More Issues In Input/Output, Operations On Bits, Miscellaneous Features, C Under Windows, Graphics Under Windows, Internet Programming, C Under Linux, More Linux Programming.

The C Programming Language

Review: The C Programming Language by Kernighan, Ritchie

  • This book is written by Dennis Ritchie who is the developer of the C programming language so this book contents analysis is meaningless.
  • This book is not recommended for beginners but this makes a significant impact due to high-quality content.
  • Each concept is covered with proper explanation and also described how it can be mapped into programs.
  • Solved and unsolved questions have been provided to develop the skills of an expert Programmer.
  • Model questions papers have been provided for students for self-assessment.
  • Table of Contents: A Tutorial Introduction, Types, Operators, and Expressions, Control Flow, Functions and Program Structure, Pointers and Arrays, Structures, Input and Output, The UNIX System Interface, Reference Manual, Standard Library

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