Automata Theory

by | Oct 6, 2020

Theory Of Automata & Computation

Review: Theory of Automata and Computation by Adesh K. Pandey

  • Topics are explained in a very easy way, best book for beginners.
  • Each topic followed by solved examples and practice question paper. Machine design for given languages become easier if solved examples are practised thoroughly.
  • Grammar and Language explain with examples.
  • Helpful for competitive exam preparation as this book primarily focuses on problem-solving.
  • Table of Contents: Section-A: Finite Automata, Regular Expression, Introduction to Machines, Section-B: Properties of Regular Sets, Context-Free Grammars and Languages, Simplified Context-Free Grammar and its Normal Form, Section-C:Pushdown Automata, Properties of Context-Free Languages, Turing Machine, Section-D:Chomsky Hierarchies, Computability and Recursive Function Theory, Short Questions with Answers

An Introduction To Formal Languages And Automata By Peter Linz

Soumya Pratik Saha

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