Learn Coding , Computer Science Subjects  in depth !

EduInCS is a coaching and Training institute for Computer Science students (B.Tech, BCA, B.Sc. , M.Sc. , MCA ) .
EduInCS Junior for improving Coding skill, Logical thinking, imagination and creativity of School students .

Learn Coding | Coaching | Training

Coaching & Training | College Std. | B.Tech, BCA, B.Sc, M.Sc, MCA 

Semester Preparation

Join EduInCS and learn computer science in depth from experienced educators.   We focus on core concepts and help students to visualize them. We conduct Online/Offline classes, provide study material at the end of each class, practice questions on the completed topic, and online test for the assessment. Every year Students of various universities WBSU, CU, WBUT/MAKAUT, KU join the EduInCS classroom coaching and Training Program.

Coaching & Training | School Std | CBSE, ICSE, WBSE board students

For the creators of tomorrow

Start Learning new technologies and build applications. Programming is one of the most important skillsets of CSE/ IT students. Our Web Development, Apps Development courses make you ready to build real Web Application that can help thousands of people.

Certification | Training | Website Development, Apps Development 

Learn latest tech, build application 

Online is the future. In the digital era, you can’t grow your business without an online presence. Our experienced Web Development and Digital development team are ready to take your business to next level.

Why Coding for all Learners?

1. Improves logical thinking skills.
2. Improves imagination and creativity power.
3. Improves focus and concentration power.
4. Improves problem-solving ability.
5. Opens up career opportunities.
6.  Enables computational thinking.
7. Coding promotes learning by doing.



Why EduInCS ?

Learn ' Computer Science ' in depth

Learn Computer Organization, Data Structure, Algorithm Analysis, Graph Theory, Operating System, Computer Networks, Automata Theory, Computer Graphics, and many more.

Achieve Mastery in ' Programming '

You might not think that programmers are artists, but programming is an extremely creative profession. It’s logic-based creativity. 

Web Development Training

Become a full-stack web developer by joining our web development training program. Learn HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, Javascript,Node.JS, Express.JS, React, MongoDB and more!

Apps Development Training

Learn Apps Development by joining our Apps Development training program.

Business Website/Apps development

Online is the future.  Go online, reach thousands of visitors, and convert them into customers. We are ready to help you.

Digital Marketing to bring more traffic

Do you want more web traffic? Do you want more leads for products? Do you want more online visibility of your brand, store? Contact us for Digital Marketing services.


Coding School

For class V – XII students

Level 1: Learn Programming

Coding is a creative way of solving problems. It enhances logic building ability, structural thinking,  perseverance, and also encourages to think outside of the box.  In Level 1 students learn programming like Python, Java, C++, C, Scratch either depending on the school curriculum or take the suggestion from coding mentors.

4-months course for classes 8 – 12

Level 2:  Building Application

At this level, students work on projects to build Mobile Apps, Websites, AI-based applications, Games, and many more.
Our mission is to empower a whole generation to become creators versus consumers of technology. We teach fundamentals of coding-logic, and algorithmic thinking to enable kids to generate creative outcomes. Coding is the skill required to become the creator of tomorrow.


Summer and Winter Traning 


Build Applications in Summer & Winter break

Learn web development using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, Javascript,Node.JS, Express.JS, React, MongoDB and more.


Practical oriented approach, Learning by doing


Learn new technology in 45 days


Experienced Educators

Learn technology from industry experts.

About US

Our Story

EduInCS Technologies provides Coaching, Training, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Graphics Design & Digital Marketing services.  EduInCS is the best place for B.Tech (CSE / IT) , BCA, B.Sc(CS), M.Sc.(CS), MCA students for the Coaching and Training program. We started our journey 5 years ago, now we establish yourself as reputed coaching, training , Development and Digital Marketing Agency.







What Our Students Say

 EduInCS help me a lot to understand the insight of Computer Science in a very efficient way. This place is the gateway to a bright future.

Amon Chakraborty

System Engineer @ TCS

I fall in love with CS subjects, more precisely in Coding during the UG program, that remains constant till the date. Thanks, EduInCS for making me fall in love again. 

Indresh Bhattacharya

Developer @ Virtusa


Frequently Asked

Which CS subjects are taught at EduInCS ?

Computer Organization, Digital Electronics, Data Structure, Algorithm Analysis, Graph Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Operating System, DBMS, Computer Networks, Automata Theory, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Microprocessor and Programming (C, C++, Java, Python)

How many days require to learn a programming language ?

Our specially structured programming language courses (C, C++, Java, Python) helps you to achieve mastery in programming within 3 months.  

How many days require to complete Web Development training ?

Become a full-stack web developer within 3 months. Learn HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, Javascript,Node.JS, Express.JS, React, MongoDB and more!.

We need website/ apps for our business. Do you provide free consultation ?

Yes, call at 9163826529 / 8013241616 and book a meeting slot.

Take a decision today !

— If you are a Computer Science student then learning CS subjects in-depth should be first priority. Future opportunities also depend on your coding, problem-solving skills. We teach you the art of programming and step by step approach to Web and Apps development.
— If you have decided to go online for massive growth of your organization/ business then you are in right place. Our experienced Web/Apps Developers and Digital Marketing team help your business to grow digitally.

coaching/ training reg.I need website / apps